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A shadow ninja adventure game blending gorgeous graphics, innovative gameplay, and intense boss battles within the palm of your hands. Experience shadow ninja warrior adventure in medieval japan with hack n slash and rpg elements. An action RPG samurai fighting game where you will take revenge as a brave shadow warrior assassin. One of the best 3D ninja games where you experience a sword fighting Japanese adventure of a legend ninja assassin with console quality graphics. This is a ninja fighting game where a legend rises in medieval Japan to unleash his ninja abilities. Upgrade your skills and fight as a legend samurai ninja warrior with corrupted forces to conquer menacing territory. Vanquish powerful bosses in battle arena and ultimately become a legend ninja samurai warrior. For the fans of ultimate ninja fight, samurai warrior, medieval legend, and ninja games, this is an extraordinary action filled 3D adventure. Background The story belongs to Tochi, a land of secrets. Takashi is the son of Arashi, a Japanese ninja fighter with ninjutsu training who gains ultimate glory by defeating the corruption of Tochi. Takashi takes revenge for his people. Shadow Ninja Adventure Game Using divine resistance coming from Arashi family, takashi participates in challenging battles. He uses swords, axes, hammers, and shurikens, to defeat monsters in this action rpg. The shadow ninja samurai assassin fights to destroy darkness and becomes an unstoppable stealth master continuously improving monster hunter skills alongside. He then fights in battleground of Japanese lands. Exploration Explore huge maps and secrets paths. Discover various rewards at different locations. Inventory System and Character Upgrade Player can upgrade character, enhance skills and store items in inventory. Intense Boss Battles Various kind of unique and challenging boss battles. Bosses includes beasts, witches, and ninjas. You can fight with enemies face to face or become a stealth master, it is your choice. Variety of Weapons Equip different type of weapons to fight with your own style. Each weapon has its own attributes. The decision of selecting the right weapon for a particular fight is important. Costumes Equip from a variety of traditional fighter costumes. Are you ready to face challenges in a console quality shadow ninja arashi fighting adventure? This is time to explore what its like to fight in medieval age with ninjutsu skills. With many wonderful levels, this strategy game lets you become an ultimate legend ninja samurai assassin. Ending chaos in this ninja adventure is in the hands of your blade warrior. This is not any ordinary dark fantasy rpg dragon conquest, this is a real revenge fight of a Japanese fighter to purify the evil lands. This real ninja assassin warrior game is one of the best monster hunter action rpg adventure games. Prepare for the battles using your ninjutsu skills. Try this experience on mobile.


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